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The way dogs see the world: Objects are more salient to smarter dogs

Learning about the place: the treat is always on the right or left side only, and the plate on the other side is empty. Credit: Eniko Kubinyi When we point at an object, the toddler focuses on the object, while the dog usually takes the gesture as a directional cue. In a recent study, researchers

Warming world, widening gap: Climate change’s toll on poverty and inequality in South Africa

Historical trends of inequality and annual mean temperature in South Africa (sources: World Income Inequality Database (WIID), NIDS, and ERA5). Credit: Environmental Research Letters (2023). DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/ad0448 Scientific evidence shows that climate change is already negatively affecting inequality and poverty, but the extent to which this happens at the micro-level remains relatively unexplored. Investigating the

World sites vie for UNESCO spot in Riyadh as Venice risks downgrade

Ukraine has been trying to protect its sites from Russian attack, like this statue in Lviv. More than 50 world sites hope for inclusion on the UN’s coveted heritage list at a meeting opening in Riyadh Sunday, while some incumbents, including Venice and Kyiv, face the risk of a downgrade. UNESCO, the United Nation’s educational

Australia tops the world for podcast listening. Why do Aussies love them so much?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain “We’re here because this moment demands an explanation.” So begins the first ever episode of New York Times’ The Daily podcast, delivered by host Michael Barbaro in his now famous style. It arrived on Wednesday February 1, 2017—less than a fortnight after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States.

World daily temperature records smashed—here’s how we know

Average daily global temperatures per year in degrees Celcius, estimated by Copernicus C3S/ECMWF, with data from ERA5. World daily temperature records have been smashed this week, according to preliminary data. The modeling tools that produced these estimates can provide an early warning of extreme heat events, even if they aren’t as precise as monthly and

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