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New research suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New research published in Science Advances paints an uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet. This is because more realistic ecological modeling suggests the world’s plants may be able to take up more atmospheric CO2 from human activities than previously predicted. Despite this headline finding, the environmental scientists behind the research are

New study suggests clues to urban resiliency lie within ancient cities

Credit: University of Houston Jakarta … San Francisco … Shanghai … Phoenix … Houston. These major cities and others around the globe have many similarities, but they share one particular commonality that is concerning for residents. They are among the global cities most affected by climate change. While each of these cities has proven resilient

Study suggests 21st century economic growth will be slower than expected

Population, extreme poverty, energy demand, and CO2 emissions. Credit: Communications Earth & Environment (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s43247-023-00874-7 The global economy will grow slower in the 21st century than economists have expected, a finding that has implications for our ability to adapt to climate change in the coming decades, according to new research. A new study projecting

New finding suggests how and why temperatures determine the sex of turtles

A freshwater turtle called a red-eared slider. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Warmer temperatures are known to make more turtle eggs become female hatchlings, but new research out of Duke University shows that those females also have a higher capacity for egg production, even before their sex is set. This finding may explain why many animals besides

Research suggests smoke from the Black Summer fires may have made the triple La Nina more likely

Black Summer smoke. Credit: NASA The 2019-2020 bushfire season was devastating. Vast areas of pristine forest burned, many for the first time in memory. By some estimates, a billion native animals died up and down Australia’s east coast. Dozens of people died. While Sydney’s skies are blue again, Australia’s Black Summer has kept scientists around…

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