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Prioritizing land to avoid species loss could reduce species extinction risk twice as efficiently

Credit: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Amid an alarming surge in global habitat destruction and species extinction, new research by an international team of scientists proposes a new global approach to choosing protected lands that could reduce species extinction risk twice as efficiently as current methods. Protecting key ecosystems and habitats is widely accepted

Pollination by more than one bee species found to improve cherry harvest

The combination of honey bees and mason bees as pollinators yields a much bigger harvest than with only one species. Credit: Julia Osterman To obtain the biggest cherry harvest, trees should be pollinated by both honey bees and mason bees. A new study led by a researcher at the University of Gothenburg shows yet another

Invasive species problem will be ‘worse before it gets better’

Snails are among the most widespread and destructive of invasive species. On land and in the sea, invasive species are destroying ecosystems, spreading disease and causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage every year, according to a landmark report Monday from the UN-backed science advisory panel for the UN Convention on Biodiversity. AFP spoke

New species of marine bacteria isolated from a deep-sea cold seep

A novel bacteria, Poriferisphaera hetertotrophicis, observed using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Abbreviations: CM, outer membrane; Pi, cytoplasm; R, ribosome; N, nucleoid; ICM, cytoplasmic membrane; Py, peripla. Credit: Rikuan Zheng Researchers have isolated a new strain of marine bacteria with unique characteristics from the ocean seabed. The research, published today as a Reviewed Preprint in eLife

New Sonerila species reported from southwest Philippines

Sonerila mapelo. Credit: Mark Arcebal K. Naive The genus Sonerila, belonging to the plant family Melastomataceae, is represented by approximately 194 species. The genus is poorly known in the Philippines and is represented by only two species, Sonerila tenera and S. woodii. During a botanical exploration in October 2022 at the Tabu-tabu Biodiversity Monitoring Site

Europe’s wild bird species are on the brink, but there are ways to bring them back

Almost two out of every five species of wild bird are of conservation concern across Europe, according to an updated and comprehensive assessment of their population status. That means these species are declining and becoming more scarce across the continent. Among the birds of conservation concern are some familiar species, including dunnock, goldcrest and meadow

Remains of new species of duck-billed dinosaur found in Chile

Credit: Science Advances (2023). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adg2456 Remains of a species of herbivorous dinosaur previously unknown in the southern hemisphere have been discovered in Chile, challenging long-held beliefs about the range of duck-billed dinosaurs, scientists said Friday. Measuring up to four meters (13 feet) in length and weighing a ton, Gonkoken nanoi lived 72 million years

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