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What will happen to the Greenland ice sheet if we miss our global warming targets

Greenland after 100,000 years of convergence temperatures of 0°C to 6.5°C. With no warming (top left) things stay as they are. With extreme climate change (bottom right) ice remains only on a few isolated mountains. Credit: Nature (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06503-9 It’s hard to overstate how crucial Greenland, and its kilometers-thick ice layer, is to climate

Greenland has greener history than previously thought

In the Utah State University Luminescence Lab, graduate student Hawke Woznick uses sieves to prepare sediment samples from Greenland’s Camp Century for OSL dating. USU Geosciences Professor Tammy Rittenour and colleagues reported findings about the samples in the July 20, 2023, issue of the journal Science. Credit: Levi Sim, USU New analysis of samples collected

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