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Extreme heat sparks wildfires, health warnings

A man cools off at a fountain in Rome as Europe braces for new high temperatures. Extreme heat was forecast across the globe on Wednesday, as wildfires raged and health warnings were in place in parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Firefighters battled blazes in parts of Greece and the Canary Islands while Spain

At least 13 die in extreme heat wave in US

In recent days, temperatures in parts of the southern United States have felt like 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). At least 13 people have died from the extreme heat wave that has been tormenting the southern United States for two weeks, officials said Friday, with air in other parts of the country polluted by

Extreme nighttime pollution in New Delhi air explained by new study

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a major joint project with top Indian scientists, PSI researchers have determined why smog forms at night in the Indian capital New Delhi, contrary to all the rules of atmospheric chemistry. Their results have now been published in the journal Nature Geoscience. For the past three years, New Delhi has…

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