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Researchers discover how stem cells choose their identity

Left: 3D representation of the studied intestinal organoids (miniature organs), with crypt and villus areas. Cells are drawn as balls as determined using the new TypeTracker method, which can follow all cells as they grow and divide and, importantly, choose their identity or type. Right: TypeTracker cellular family tree, in which a stem cell first

Scientists discover the highest-energy light coming from the sun

A composite image shows a photograph of the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory in Mexico observing particles, whose paths are shown as red lines, generated by high-energy gamma rays from the sun. Michigan State University researchers were part of the team that observed those particles and gamma rays. Credit: Mehr Un Nisa Sometimes, the best place

Researchers discover one-of-a-kind fish is local to lower Susquehanna

The effort to save the Chesapeake logperch is novel, Penn State researchers say, because not many restoration projects of this magnitude are done to prevent a species from being added to the federal endangered species list. Credit: Penn State In an attempt to rescue a rare darter in the lower Susquehanna River, a Penn State research

Researchers discover a cause of rapid ice melting in Greenland

In the center of this NASA photograph taken in 2012, Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland gradually moves toward the ocean, with large segments breaking off and drifting away as icebergs. Researchers at UCI and NASA JPL used satellite data from three European missions to learn how warm ocean water is causing the migration of the…

Scientists discover a new way climate change threatens cold-blooded animals

Young animals use energy to grow, and later in life, to reproduce. Credit: Shutterstock All animals need energy to live. They use it to breathe, circulate blood, digest food and move. Young animals use energy to grow, and later in life, to reproduce. Increased body temperature increases the rate at which an animal uses energy.…

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