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Cloud Strategies Are Facing a New Era of Strain in Australia, New Zealand

Enterprises across Australia and New Zealand have been enthusiastic adopters of the cloud. A 2023 IDC whitepaper sponsored by Microsoft said Australia and New Zealand are among the few countries in the Asia Pacific region where public cloud adoption has moved beyond discrete software-as-a-service-based solutions for the replacement of infrastructure, like disaster recovery, to advanced

Gigamon’s Cloud Security Report Shares Insights on Undetected Breaches & Deep Observability

Image: UnderhilStudio/Shutterstock Findings in network intelligence firm Gigamon’s Hybrid Cloud Security Survey report suggest there’s a disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to vulnerabilities in the hybrid cloud: 94% of CISOs and other cybersecurity leaders said their tools give them total visibility of their assets and hybrid cloud infrastructure, yet 90% admitted to

State of Cloud Security in Australia 2021

Cloud computing continues to transform the way organisations operate, delivering agility, scale, cost, and innovative benefits. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital technologies that were already underway. However, doing so has created new avenues for malicious attacks and misconfigurations. Organisations need to understand the security implications associated with the benefits of cloud. This includes…

State of Cloud Adoption in Australia 2021

This latest research by Omdia and Telstra Purple focuses on the state of cloud market in Australia, covering the critical challenges facing IT teams in moving applications and workloads to the cloud, areas where investments are being made and the capabilities required to truly exploit the advantages that cloud brings. Download this unique report now…

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