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Chemists use oxygen, copper ‘scissors’ to make cheaper drug treatments possible

Credit: Gio Bartlett/Unsplash Drugs to treat cancer are often very expensive to produce, resulting in high costs for the patients who need them. Thanks to pathbreaking research by UCLA chemists, led by organic chemistry professor Ohyun Kwon, the price of drug treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses may soon plummet. One chemical used in

Chemists develop sustainable method to remove ‘forever chemicals’ from water

Graphical representation of a metal-containing polymer with ferrocene units used for reversible uptake of perfluorinated compounds. Credit: Markus Gallei Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are highly versatile chemicals. These fluorine-containing organic molecules are the reason why rain drops simply slide off outdoor jackets. They are used in the greaseproof coating of paper food packaging and are key

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