Hexbyte – Science and Tech ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of Dawn Reveals Roadmap And Mercury Menagerie, The Sundial – Forbes

Hexbyte – Science and Tech ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of Dawn Reveals Roadmap And Mercury Menagerie, The Sundial – Forbes

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Bungie just wrapped up about a 35 minute stream which contained perhaps a little less information than some Destiny 2 players were expecting about Season of Dawn, but some good stuff all the same.

The stream opened talking about Saint-14 a little bit, but it was mostly “you love Saint-14, we love Saint-14, Saint-14 is back once you save him,” with little info given besides that, though new lore chapters will be doled out over the coming days.

Then we got a look at the roadmap for the season, which has a number of things to dissect. What I found most notable from that:

– There seems to be some sort of public event called “Obelisks” that will be showing up on Nessus and in the EDZ that has to do with the new Cabal conflict, though we didn’t get a look at that.

– There are three Psion Sundial bosses, two of which arrive in the first two weeks, the third of which doesn’t appear until February. I assume those will rotate to some degree like Menagerie bosses, though how often, I’m not sure.

– The Sundial, unlike Vex Offensive, does have difficulty levels, though possibly only two, normal and Legend which they kept calling “hard mode.”

– There’s something coming in February called the Empyrean Foundation, which wasn’t discussed at all. It’s apparently free to all players which theoretically means it could be a permanent addition to the game.

– Trials is not the roadmap, was not discussed on stream, was not hinted at. I have been told by Bungie specifically “this season is about Saint-14” so I am officially ruling out Trials in Season of Dawn at this point.

Next up we got a brief look at the new Artifact, which has a focus on precision weapons, and my picks for the featured weapons were wrong. We have scouts, bows, pulses and autos as the four main anti-champion types, which is a little surprising. We saw at least one special mod that can give you healing orbs on precision kills, which is interesting. Really want a full look at that mod set.

Finally, we saw a playthrough of at least one segment of The Sundial, an activity with very, very obvious inspiration. Bungie has said in the past that it takes them one full season to implement feedback for a current season, and after everyone said they really liked Menagerie, well, now we have Mercury Menagerie.

It’s smaller scale than normal Menagerie in that we don’t have quite as many huge areas built specifically for it, and yet it seems a lot more beefy than Vex Offensive. It seems to follow the same rules as Menagerie with a “no lose” progress bar scenario that gives you rewards more quickly if you blaze through it, but you technically cannot lose. I don’t know how many different activities there are to do in it (probably fewer than Menagerie), but there will be rotating bosses to some degree, again, unlike Vex Offensive.

It’s hard to judge how meaty this season is going to be, but from what I can tell, even with a few things up in the air, it seems more substantive than the Undying parts of the Shadowkeep/Undying era, which is good news. Trials not returning will be a disappointment to many, but it will arrive someday, no doubt. I think I’m most curious about what appears to be a lack of power cap increase, meaning you are grinding for artifact levels, rolls and not much else, it would seem. That’s…a choice, and I’m going to need to discuss that in an entirely separate article.

All in all, I liked what I saw here, though obviously I still have a lot of questions. TWAB tomorrow should have some more answers, but we may just have to dive in to really figure things out next week.

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