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Laboratory test demonstrates that applying silicon to olive leaves promotes their growth

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A DAUCO team finds that silicon is a potential means of promoting plant growth, probably by favoring the absorption of nutrients such as potassium Restrictions on the use of certain agrochemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides, in the field of agribusiness have boosted interest in looking for alternatives to protect and

Australian SMBs Feel the Cyber Security Heat: Here’s What IT Pros Can Do to Help

The internet is a difficult space for Australian small and midsize businesses at the moment. Not only does the rate of innovation challenge them to adopt disruptive new technologies with minimal resources, but they also have to contend with the same cyber threats as all other businesses. Then, those that are breached are likely to

Chainlink opens v0.2 staking with 45 million LINK pool

Chainlink has announced its Staking v0.2 is live, with a pool size of 45 million LINK.  v0.1 stakers are eligible to migrate their staked LINK from November 28. Minimum stake for community is 1 LINK and for node operators 1,000 LINK. Chainlink has officially upgraded its staking mechanism…Read More

Changpeng Zhao resigns from Binance.US board

Changpeng Zhao has reportedly resigned from the Binance.US Board of Directors. The former Binance CEO has also relinquished his voting rights in the US affiliate and will not participate in any governance decisions. Binance.US has announced that Changpeng Zhao, who recently resigned as the CEO of the global crypto exchange Binance…Read More

FSB calls for global regulation of multifunction crypto firms

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) says multifunction crypto-asset intermediaries (MCIs) are critical to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, their business models have vulnerabilities and risks that may negatively impact global financial stability. The FSB recommends a global approach and cooperation on regulation of these MCIs. The Financial Stability Board (FSB…Read More

dYdX trading and launch rewards live after governance vote

dYdX trading and launch rewards went live on the dYdX Chain on November 28. dYdX users can now earn rewards for using the dYdX Chain, with $20 million set for launch rewards. dYdX trading rewards are live on the dYdX Chain, the decentralised derivatives trading protocol announced on Tuesday…Read More

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