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Human noise makes cod inactive. When it gets quiet again, they take off

Credit: Inge van der Knaap She narrowly defied bureaucracy and spent days angling for cod. In the North Sea, marine biologist Inge van der Knaap discovered that noise significantly disturbs fish behavior. “There is now a lot of attention for underwater noise.” Every day, seismic surveys take place at sea somewhere in the world. After

New report highlights imminent climate threats: Calls for urgent global action

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A new report, based on findings from more than 200 researchers, sounds the alarm on climate tipping points—critical thresholds that, when crossed, will severely impact human life and disrupt global social and economic systems. The Global Tipping Points Report, which was presented at the U.N. climate conference COP28 on December 6

Fire ants are on the march—here’s what happens when they sting

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Red imported fire ants are a particularly nasty type of ant because they are aggressive, and inflict painful stings that may be life threatening. That’s in addition to being a serious threat to agriculture and biosecurity. In recent weeks, we heard these ants had spread from Queensland, south into northern New

As the temperature rises, so do rates of domestic violence, say researchers

Credit: The Conversation Large parts of Australia are currently in the grip of a heat wave, and climate change means we’re in for more frequent and intense heat events into the future. We know extreme heat can pose health risks, especially for vulnerable groups. But increasingly, research is highlighting a relationship between hot temperatures and

Does Remote Work Still Have a Role to Play in the Future of Australia’s Technology Workforce?

Image: Adobe/ChayTee Remote work has been a top desire for tech workers in Australia and New Zealand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having experienced more flexibility and autonomy working from home, few tech professionals have enthusiastically embraced return-to-office initiatives. Some tech employers in Australia are doing their best to get them back anyway.

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