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Arecibo Observatory telescope outfitted with a wideband cryogenic system to expand its capabilities

Undergraduate students from the Enhancing and Nurturing Careers in Astronomy with New Training Opportunities (ENCANTO) program are one group that has conducted research using the Arecibo Observatory’s 12-meter telescope and its new cooled receiver. Credit: Anish Roshi Constructed within a natural sinkhole in Puerto Rico, the 305-meter-wide Arecibo Telescope played a part in numerous discoveries

Xiaomi Education unveils the “Story in Sight” Project to Empower the Young Generation in the Art of Visual Storytelling through Photography

Xiaomi, in partnership with esteemed Leica Akademie Instructor and renowned photojournalist Giuseppe Nucci, is proud to introduce “Story in Sight,” a groundbreaking series of photography workshops with a profound impact on the world of visual storytelling.� – The “Story in Sight” project is part of Xiaomi’s broader education endeavor – Xiaomi Education…Read More

In African ‘coup belt,’ Western values must now compete

Amid Western hand-wringing about the coups in Africa, some experts say the moment suggests not so much the twilight of Western influence but that African countries have choices and are breaking a dependence on one power…Read More

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