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Unlocking the potential of protease inhibitors for enhanced pest resistance in tea plants

Expression of CsSERPIN1 correlates with herbivore growth in tea plants. Credit: Horticulture Research Protease inhibitors are a promising strategy for enhancing herbivore resistance in plants, which is crucial for addressing the significant yield losses in crops such as tea plants due to insect herbivores. Serine protease inhibitors (SERPIN) are one of the largest superfamilies of

Fossil tells the ‘tail’ of an ancient beast

An illustration of Vintana, an ancient groundhog-like mammal that lived in Madagascar during the time of the dinosaurs. Credit: Gary Staab Approximately 200 million years ago, Antarctica was attached to South America, Africa, India, and Australia in a single “supercontinent” called Gondwana. Paleontologists have long wondered about the unique mammals that lived only on this…

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