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Algae blooms increase snowmelt in the Pacific Northwest by 20%

MicaSense true color orthomosaics derived from UAV imagery on (a) July 2, 2021 and (b) July 30, 2021. Areas in pink represent snow algae detected using the Eq. (2) optimized red/green band index. Results for the PCA mapping are similar to the optimized red/green index results displayed here. Credit: Communications Earth & Environment (2023). DOI:

Herbaceous planting for ecological restoration of urban land based on mechanisms of the assembly of plant communities

Researchers conducted a random sampling on the restored site (8 m × 12 m) in June 2018. Credit: Yuan Jia, Qian Shenhua, You Fengyi, Zhang Zhaoliang, Yin Yuan Brownfield restoration has become a frontier topic in the research on urban ecosystem governance. Optimizing brownfield ecosystems through proper bioremediation approaches can provide urban landscapes and habitats…

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