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A ‘Never Retirement’ Movement Will Emerge From the 4-Day Workweek

The 4-Day Workweek is on the way. It won’t become a thing because of legislation, but paradoxically because Americans are more in love with their work than ever. What’s going to fascinate about the gradual institutionalization of the 4-day week is that it realistically foretells a 7-day workweek, the productive 4-day worker putting in longerRead

The Secret Weapon Of Smart Warehouses & Data Centers? Generative AI

We live in a material world. That world is also more digital than ever. Warehouses and Data Centers are the invisible workhorses of the 21st century that make both worlds possible. Every click, like, tap, download, and order is utilizing these two facilities in some way. And they’re expanding globally with hundreds of billions beingRead

Here’s What Your Competition Is Up To With Their Newly Found AI Tools

CEOs across every industry have recently awoken to the fact that AI tools are not just optional features they can spice up their business model with. Over the last couple of months, AI tools such as AI agents have rapidly transformed from unique selling points to the bare minimum level of effort required for keepingRead

Strong Connection Could Make Drake Maye Vikings Quarterback In 2024

As the NFL Draft starts to come into focus, the Vikings are coming closer to making their big move. There are six quarterbacks in this draft, and the quarterback at the top of the draft is clearly out of reach. Caleb Williams of USC is on track to go with the No. 1 pick toRead

Expert: Here’s What You Should Do About Airline Luggage Fee Increases

Since the beginning of the year, most of the major U.S. airlines have raised their baggage fees. It now costs an average of $35 to check your bag on a domestic flight. In the travel industry, charging separately for luggage is called unbundling. And it turns out there are experts who specialize in unbundling andRead

Doctors Commonly Misdiagnose Older Patients With Pneumonia: Study

A recent JAMA study of over 17,000 hospitalized adult patients who were treated for pneumonia across 48 hospitals in Michigan reported that 12% of them received a pneumonia diagnosis even though they did not have any lung infection. The researchers further observed that older patients with dementia who were in an altered mental state wereRead

TikTok Is The Highest Earning App In The World (Again), Beating YouTube, Disney, Tinder

TikTok might be under assault by the U.S. government, banned in India, and not even available in China, but in February TikTok was the highest-earning app in the world. And it wasn’t even close: TikTok’s $189 million in revenue almost doubled the next-most-profitable app, YouTube, which only reached $111 million. Actually, this isn’t really surprising.Read

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