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Endeavour assembly at Science Center starts with lifting 52-ton rockets into place

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The space shuttle Endeavour’s twin giant rockets will be hoisted by crane next week and affixed into place atop the craft’s aft skirts in a first step of assembling a full-stack configuration of the shuttle at the future Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. The two solid rocket motors—each weighing 104,000

Unraveling a paradox of Himalayan glacier melt

by Ryan M. Strickland Ryan Strickland pilots the drone for take-off on one of the 15 survey flights of the Ngozumpa Glacier in December 2019. Credit: Ryan M. Strickland One in five glaciers on Earth are covered with a layer of rocky debris. The presence of debris influences how glaciers melt. In the Himalaya, debris

Research shows that genetically engineered vesicles better target cancer cells

Schematic of anti-GPC3 scoff and engineered fusogen co-expressing eFT-CNVs for cytosolic delivery of therapeutics. Intrinsic GPC3 and B2M are knocked out using CRISPR/Cas 9 followed by co-expressing anti-GPC3 scFv and engineered fusogen on HEK293 cell membranes. The eFT-CNVs are generated by mechanical extrusion of the donor cells and loaded with various drugs, e.g., nucleic acids

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