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25+ Key Hybrid Work Statistics from 2023

Many individuals have a period of less productivity and high productivity as well. For instance, the millennial generation can be productive all day, but it can be different for Generation… The post 25+ Key Hybrid Work Statistics from 2023 appeared first on The Tech Report…Read More

Seismic waves convey lithospheric delamination mechanism in South China

Tectonic framework and Mesozoic magmatic distribution of the South China block. a Tectonic and topographic map of the South China block. Blue dashed lines mark the position of the tomography imaging profiles (A-A′, B-B′, C-C′, D-D′, and E-E′). Solid red lines outline major tectonic units (i.e., the Yangtze block, Cathaysia block, Triassic Qinling-Dabie orogen, and

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