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Crunchyroll Manga Services To Come to a Halt This December

Crunchyroll is making news frequently, but not always, for good reasons. After the lawsuit issue, Crunchyroll has suffered significant losses for the settlement amount. Now, they have decided to remove the manga app, and fans aren’t pleased with the decision. Here’s all there is to know about the […] Source…Read More

Is Saitama God? Did Saitama get his powers from God?

Saitama is probably one of the strongest as well as the funniest characters in the realm of anime, it makes you ponder whether he is the god in the OPM world. Let’s answer them in this article. No, Saitama is not God in OPM, in fact…Read More

Why did God give Garou powers in OPM?

God is the most enigmatic character in One Punch Man. He is a powerful deity, and he has the ability to grant powers to people. His goal is to eradicate mankind, so fans have speculated that perhaps he is the shadow ruler of the Monsters Association…Read More

How did Garou turn into a monster? Does he become human again?

Garou, the Hero Hunter and the martial artist prodigy that Bang expelled from his dojo has one of the best character arcs in the story. Garou ended up turning into a monster through the process of “Monsterization” and by breaking his “Limiter.” However, he reverted back to being a human after losing[…] Source…Read More

Inside Out 2 Trailer Breaks Disney’s Viewership Record in Just 24 Hours

Inside Out 2’s trailer is sending shockwaves in the industry as it becomes the most viewed Disney trailer within just 24 hours of its release. After an eight-year hiatus, Inside Out 2 is finally there to satiate the ‘Joy’ inside us and focus on Riley’s emotions as she steps into the treacherous t[…] Source…Read More

The Steam Deck OLED’s etched screen upgrade has one huge drawback

Now that the kinda-sorta mid-generation refresh of the Steam Deck is officially announced, fans and tech YouTubers have begun poring over its specifications. However, one feature of the Steam Deck OLED that’s raised some eyebrows is its matte screen finish. Though Valve’s effectively refreshing its entire lineup of Steam Deck handhelds on November 16…Read More

Super Smash T.V. for SNES is a great way to unwind after a crappy week

How’s your week been? Mine? Horrible. Worse than normal. So, it’s time for some self-care. Get in your pajamas, order some pizza, and let’s get into some Super Smash T.V. Smash T.V. was originally released in arcades in 1990. It was designed by the legendary Eugene Jarvis…Read More

Great Pretender teaser hints at an Anime NYC reveal for the heist series

Great Pretender, the exciting heist anime that was made available via Netflix in the Summer of 2020, could be teasing another season to be announced very soon. In a post made via Twitter, the official Great Pretender account reveals a “new release” will be announced on November 18 at Anime NYC…Read More

Persona 5 Strikers sells over two million copies worldwide

The Phantom Thieves strike again as 2020’s Persona 5 Strikers has sold over two million copies worldwide, adding yet another sales milestone to the fifth game’s growing list. According to Persona Central, producer Daisuke Kaneda announced the sales milestone in a blog post. “P5S has sold over 2 million copies worldwide,” wrote Daisuke…Read More

Netflix’s The Dragon Prince is getting a Diablo-esque mobile game

Netflix’s gaming push is looping in one of its larger animated properties. The Dragon Prince: Xadia is a new action-RPG in development, arriving next year on mobile through Netflix. The project looks to be handled by Wonderstorm, per the official site, and definitely takes after the action-RPG genre…Read More

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