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Sony Music Sues OFRA Cosmetics Over Alleged ‘Blatant, Willful, and Repeated Copyright Infringement’ on Twitter/X, Instagram, and TikTok

Sony Music Entertainment (SME) is officially suing makeup and skincare brand OFRA Cosmetics for allegedly infringing upon protected music in north of 300 social media videos. The Big Three label only recently filed the complaint against Pompano Beach-headquartered OFRA Cosmetics, submitting the action to a Florida federal court…Read More

Young Jeezy Officially Departing Def Jam Recordings

Young Jeezy is departing Def Jam Recordings after a 20-year stint with the release of his latest album, ‘I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget.’ The upcoming studio album is the first release of his new imprint CTE New World and Stem Distribution. It comes months after the artist released his book ‘Adversity For Sale:

Daniel Johns Brings Global Hit Publishing Catalog to BMG, Including Silverchair Classics

Decorated artist-producer Daniel Johns has signed a global publishing deal with BMG, including the entire Silverchair catalog. Celebrated artist and producer Daniel Johns has signed a global publishing deal with BMG that covers the entire Silverchair catalog. BMG now represents the Australian musician for publishing and records…Read More

Lizzo-Gate Continues—Singer Describes Lazy, Drunk Dancers in Motion to Dismiss

Lizzo has filed a motion to dismiss the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by her former dancers. Lizzo says the dancers are only looking for a ‘quick pay day.’ The group filed the lawsuit against the singer back in August 2023, claiming she created a hostile work environment rife with sexual harassment…Read More

How the Birthmark on Baby Niece’s Body Exposed the Truth About My Cheating Husband

One ordinary day, as I cradled my baby niece, something peculiar grabbed my attention. On her tiny arm was a birthmark, an exact replica of the one adorning my husband’s body. It was a peculiar coincidence, one I couldn’t ignore. Fueled by confusion and suspicion, I decided to delve deeper before confronting my husband…Read More

Check Your Observation Skills by Spotting 25 Hidden Cats

Are there any limits for cats? Those who live with felines know they are like little ninjas and can effortlessly reach the most inaccessible corners of your home. Their acrobatic skills make them adept at sneaking into hidden nooks with ease. And they can do it all in an almost invisible way…Read More

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