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Scientists construct organo-phosphatic shells of brachiopods

Editors’ notes This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked peer-reviewed publication trusted source proofread by Zhang Nannan, Chinese Academy of Sciences Biomineralized columnar architectures of Cambrian Series 2 phosphatic-shelled brachiopods. Credit: Zhang Zhiliang Biomineralized columns, stacked in layers

Nearly two-thirds of the top fossil fuel producers in Australia and the world aren’t on track for 1.5°C climate target

Credit: Shutterstock Rapid reductions in fossil fuel production and use are essential to limit global warming to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. Our new research shows most of the world’s major coal, oil and gas companies are yet to make meaningful reductions. Some companies have been quick to announce net-zero targets or other claims of

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