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Diddy Will Not Be Attending the 2024 Grammy Awards

Embroiled in sexual assault lawsuits, Diddy will not be attending the 2024 Grammy Awards — despite being nominated for the first time in 20 years. Sean “Diddy” Combs will not be attending the 2024 Grammy Awards on February 4, his representative tells the press. His nomination for Best Progressive R&B Album — the artist’s first

Who Will Watch the AI Music Hubs? Discord Layoff Announced

Following a spate of layoffs at Amazon-owned subsidiaries like Prime Video, Twitch, and Audible, it appears more layoffs are on the horizon. Discord has announced layoffs that will impact 170 workers at its San Francisco headquarters. Discord says the employees will leave on February 2, with dozens of engineers among those impacted…Read More

Reykjavik Revels in Darkness with Dark Music Days 2024

Reykjavik revels in darkness for the 43rd annual Dark Music Days festival, held this year between January 24-28. It’s the darkest time of year in Iceland’s capital, lending a perfect time to celebrate the native sounds of the island, as well as international musicians who have traveled to serenade the land of ice and fire…Read

Warner Chappell Music Signs Kenya Grace

Warner Chappell Music (WCM) has announced it has signed an exclusive worldwide administration agreement with electronic/alt-pop artist, producer, and songwriter Kenya Grace. Her hit “Strangers” marks the first and second time a song solely written, produced, and sung by a woman topped the Hot Dance/Electronic and the UK Singles charts…Read More

Israel’s Siege On Gaza Reaches 100 Days

The bombardment that began on Oct. 7 has quickly shattered many records, as Israel faces international accusations of genocide against Palestinians…Read More

10+ People Who Couldn’t Believe What Was Happening to Them

Life sometimes brings about moments so unbelievable that people question if they’re really happening. From positive experiences, like marrying your childhood crush, to negative ones, like a shocking incident where your life is left on the line, nothing is impossible. Those who chose to share their stories online are living proof of that…Read More

Kids Refuse to Let Go of the Nanny They Fondly Call “Mama” and Parents Face Criticism

In a heartwarming yet bittersweet moment captured on video, the bond between a group of children and their beloved nanny takes center stage as emotions run high during their heartfelt farewell. The poignant scene unfolds as the children, unwilling to part ways with the caregiver who has become an integral part of their lives…Read More

My MIL Convinced My Kids That Me and My Husband Had Died

A woman was so shocked by her mother-in-law’s actions that she turned to social media to ask for help. After having to leave her children with her MIL for a while due to a friend’s passing, she returned home to find out her kids thought she and her husband were dead…Read More

10+ Intriguing Stories of Kids Realizing Their Parents Were Rich

Parents often keep their financial situation under wraps to teach their kids the importance of early financial literacy and that money isn’t a cure-all. Surprisingly, many adults recall moments from their childhood when they realized how fortunate they were compared to others — here are the best stories that were shared online when one Reddit user asked the question…Read More

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