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First Tekken World Tour 2024 Details Announced

In the world of fighting games, there are tons of different titles that get tournaments side by side at the major events. The biggest games though are different. These usually have wider circuits too, that let fans follow players’ performance over multiple tournaments. The Tekken World Tour 2024 will be our first overarching circuit for

Skarner Rework – LoL Abilities rundown revealed

After being pushed back and teased for quite some time, Riot finally has finally revealed the abilities of Skarner and his LoL rework. Skarner Rework – Discover his abilities Skarner was voted by the community as the champion that would receive a rework in 2023. That said…Read More

GRID and Ubisoft Partner to Produce ‘Rainbow Six Siege Data Portal’

GRID and Ubisoft have revealed the Rainbow Six Siege Data Portal, the first product of its kind in the R6 esports ecosystem. The ‘R6DP’ is a one-stop shop for every ounce of data emanating from Rainbow Six Siege’s competitive landscape, with GRID utilising its best-in-class data generation and analysis tools to produce valuable statistics and

5 Best MMORPG Mobile Games in 2024

With many different MMORPGs across all mobile stores, picking the best MMORPG mobile games requires a lot of work. The global rise of mobile gaming has also caused a shift in the MMORPG world. Now, more and more MMORPGs are released on mobile devices for people who want a more handheld and portable gaming experience…Read

ALGS Regional Final Completely Derailed by Hack

This weekend saw a new stage happen for the 2024 Apex Legends Global Series. We should have had the climatic NA ALGS Regional Finals. A chance for players to prove they’re the best, up against the highest-level lobbies. Instead, we had yet another catastrophe as another year of the ALGS descended into technical problems…Read More

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