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Kitty Releases Poignant New Single “Tread Water”

Dublin-born, London-raised singer-songwriter Kitty recently released her new single, “Tread Water,” a track from her forthcoming EP, Swimming for Dummies. Kitty explains, “‘Tread Water’ is about a breakdown in communication I was having with my girlfriend in our relationship. The chorus is a desperate plea for us to have a sincere conversation about our feelings

Sage Bond: The Healing Connection | “From my perspective, I can share what I know that most traditional Navajo music we hear today was sung during ceremonies or served a purpose during life events.”

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Guitar Girl Magazine Special Edition – I Belong – July 2023 Heavy Metal guitarist Sage Bond speaks and plays with power. Her passion for music transcends the music itself. She uses her music to connect the world to the Najo community…Read More

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