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Focused ion beam technology: A single tool for a wide range of applications

Physicist Gregor Hlawacek, head of the EU project FIT4NANO, is responsible for a state-of-the-art facility at the HZDR where he can produce and analyze nanostructures using a particularly finely focused ion beam. Credit: Oliver Killig/HZDR Processing materials on the nanoscale, producing prototypes for microelectronics or analyzing biological samples: The range of applications for finely focused

Croatia targets latest climate-change threat: mosquitoes

Croatia’s program coincides with increasingly dire warning from experts that global warming could make swathes of Europe more vulnerable to infectious diseases spread by mosquito bites. Hordes of buzzing but sterile mosquitoes are being let loose in Zagreb as Croatia gets ahead of worries that climate change could bring tropical diseases to the Mediterranean nation.

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