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New data, same appearance for M87*

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration has released new images of M87* from observations taken in April 2018, one year after the first observations in April 2017. The new observations in 2018, which feature the first participation of the Greenland Telescope, reveal a familiar, bright ring of emission of the same size as we found in

Mother Nature knows best when it comes to climate solutions, social media users say

Share of sentiments and emotions as well as share of conspiracy-related tweets for each technology category. Credit: Finn Müller-Hansen A survey of more than a million social media posts suggests that people feel more positive about nature’s ability to solve climate change than human technology, according to new research published in the journal Global Environmental

SpaceX will try to launch most powerful rocket ever Monday

A prototype of Starship, a huge rocket made by SpaceX, sits on a launchpad in Boca Chica, Texas in February 2022. SpaceX plans to carry out its first test flight on Monday of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built, designed to send astronauts to the Moon and eventually beyond. The launch is scheduled to…

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