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Protein may hold key to preventing a tick-borne disease

Ticks used in research are shown in the lab of Jason Park, an assistant research professor in WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Credit: College of Veterinary Medicine/Ted S. Warren A study led by researchers at Washington State University has pinpointed a protein that appears to play a pivotal role in how a harmful bacteria that

No democracy, no academia | Science

Over the past 30 weeks, Israel has been undergoing an upheaval marked by unprecedented attacks by the government on the independence of its judiciary, attorney general, government legal advisers, police, military, public broadcasting, and religious …Read More

Investigating mold fungi, nature’s substances, to replace pesticides

The entire collection of fungi isolates are grown in the laboratory at DTU Bioengineering as part of the big project. Credit: Thomas Steen Sørensen DTU is helping a large international company find nature’s own substances to combat fungal diseases in crops. The University’s large collection of mold fungi and a minor collection of bacteria are…

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