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Deloitte Publishes Its 2024 travel industry outlook

After more than two years of consistent year-over-year gains, leisure travel may have tapped all its pent-up demand from the peak pandemic years. Is US travel demand due for a correction? Our 2024 travel industry outlook explores signals of the strength of travel demand…Read More

Music Tourism Expected to Drive European Traveler Demand in 2024

Music, like travel, broadens the mind, opening new horizons and offering new perspectives. Amadeus Travel Trends 2024 finds many are also looking to combine the two this year, with a boom in concert and festival attendance in 2023 tapping into a desire for connection. As we enter 2024…Read More

US Delegation Affirms Bipartisan Support for Taiwan During Visit

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A bipartisan delegation from the U.S. Congress reaffirmed support for Taiwan during a visit Thursday, following the election of its new president. The delegation’s visit is the first from U.S. lawmakers to the island since the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party won a third-straight term in the January 13 presidential election…Read More

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