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Australian SMBs Feel the Cyber Security Heat: Here’s What IT Pros Can Do to Help

The internet is a difficult space for Australian small and midsize businesses at the moment. Not only does the rate of innovation challenge them to adopt disruptive new technologies with minimal resources, but they also have to contend with the same cyber threats as all other businesses. Then, those that are breached are likely to

Australian Nonprofit Cyber Security Is So Poor It Might Be Affecting Donations

Image: Adobe/immimagery The not-for-profit sector is one of Australia’s biggest employers and revenue sources. 1.4 million people work in the not-for-profit sector in Australia, and another 3.2 million people volunteer. The overall revenue of the sector is $190 billion, and that money goes directly into supporting critical causes across the country. Unfortunately, according to new

IT Pros in Australian Crypto Need to Brace for Regulation

The Australian government is moving towards regulating cryptocurrency, with a focus on those involved in developing and maintaining crypto platforms. Bitcoin crypto currency coin with cracked Australia flag. Crypto restrictions. Australia’s Treasury Department recently released a proposal paper on regulating digital asset platforms, aiming to support innovation while addressing consumer harms associated with digital assets.

Driving IT Success in Australia Through Customer Experience Innovation and Avaya

VIS Global is a company that has found great success in Australia, having grown to become not only one of the major suppliers of Avaya solutions but also one of the companies committed to bringing the most innovation to the communications space. Arijit Senchaudhuri, founder and CEO of VIS Global After relocating to Australia from

How Tech Pros Can Prepare for the Future of IT Jobs in Australia

Australia faces a shortage of IT skills that’s only going to deepen in the years ahead. The flip side to that is there has never been a better time to develop IT skills. Those with the right certifications and experience that can support IT capabilities in their bios and résumés will find some big new

Is Collaboration The Key To Aussie Tech Challenges?

Traditionally, companies and government organisations have attacked the challenges presented by IT individually. This has made sense, given that organisations that are successful at doing so then have a competitive advantage over others. But with the public sector being encouraged to embrace a collaborative spirit and necessity pushing the private sector into collaborative projects, there

Australia, New Zealand Enterprises Spend Big on Security — But Will It Be Enough?

Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand organizations know they’re rapidly hurtling towards a security precipice and are willing to invest to try to save themselves from tipping over. New research from Gartner shows that security is becoming one of the most lucrative areas of IT in both countries. There’s a lot to grapple with, from AI

Workplace Diversity in Australia: What Can Australian IT Do to Inspire Better Diversity?

Australia is in a position where it could have a highly diverse IT sector across all lines — gender, sexuality, ethnicity, physical ability and age. Currently, however, it has struggled to convert its significantly diverse culture into diversity in the tech sector. This lack of diversity can limit innovation, inclusivity and productivity, so there is

Australian Government’s ‘Six Cyber Shields’ Is Potentially a Well-Meaning Skills Crisis

The Australian government is displaying great interest and urgency in addressing the deficiencies in security and regulation that have led to one massive-scale leak after another over the past two years. Just this week, Pizza Hut Australia notified nearly 200,000 customers of a widespread data leak, and the government is keen to take the steps

Retailers Are Rapidly Scaling Surveillance of Australian Consumers — Why This Is a Red Flag

IT professionals across sectors that interact with consumers, and retail in particular, need to make themselves aware of the implications of surveillance capitalism because, while there are many legitimate uses that surveillance is being used for, there’s also the concern that poor data shepherding processes could lead to inadvertent misuse by third parties. At a

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