Marquis Roberie

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Flock together: Sparrows drift from favored spots after losing friends

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Losing long-lasting flockmates may drive a golden-crowned sparrow to stray from its favorite overwintering spot, a new study says, suggesting that friendly, familiar faces help anchor it to familiar spaces. Led by ecologists at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the study found that a golden-crowned sparrow returning to California after a winter

Scientists use NASA MESSENGER mission data to measure chromium on Mercury

Color-coded chromium abundance map overlain on MESSENGER image of Mercury. Credit: Larry Nittler/ASU The origin of Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, is mysterious in many ways. It has a metallic core, like Earth, but its core makes up a much larger fraction of its volume—85% compared to 15% for Earth. The NASA Discovery-class

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