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NASA’s Juno probe makes another close flyby of Io

Processed image taken by JunoCam on Feb. 3rd, 2024, during the probe’s second close flyby of Jupiter’s moon Io. Credit: NASA/SwRI/MSSS The Juno spacecraft has revealed some fascinating things about Jupiter since it began exploring the system on July 4th, 2016. Not only is it the first robotic mission to study Jupiter up close while

Giant sea salt aerosols found to play major role in Hawai’i’s coastal clouds, rain

Plumes of sea salt aerosol entering the Ko’olau Mountains from a large swell on North Shore. Credit: Katie Ackerman Despite their tiny sizes, aerosols, such as sea salt, dust, and ash, play a giant role in shaping weather and climate. These particles scatter light, act as the starting point for cloud formation, and can even

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