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Phil Mickelson considered a bet on 2012 Ryder Cup, book alleges – CNN

Phil Mickelson considered a bet on 2012 Ryder Cup, book alleges  CNNPhil Mickelson wagered over $1 billion, tried to bet on Ryder Cup, book alleges – ESPN  ESPNPhil Mickelson has wagered more than $1 billion, according to book by renowned gambler Billy Walters  The Associated Press”This Is an Illness” – Rich Eisen on the Allegations of Phil Mickelson’s

Why are there hopping mice in Australia but no kangaroos in Asia? It’s a long story

The frill-necked lizard is one of many land animals that reached Australia from Southeast Asia. Credit: Damien Esquerré, Author provided The animals in Australia are super-different to those in Asia. This goes without saying; we know Australia is full of weird and wonderful creatures found nowhere else on Earth, such as the platypus and the

Research suggests smoke from the Black Summer fires may have made the triple La Nina more likely

Black Summer smoke. Credit: NASA The 2019-2020 bushfire season was devastating. Vast areas of pristine forest burned, many for the first time in memory. By some estimates, a billion native animals died up and down Australia’s east coast. Dozens of people died. While Sydney’s skies are blue again, Australia’s Black Summer has kept scientists around…

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