Maribel Damron

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Astronomers detect new pulsar wind nebula and its associated pulsar

Composite image of the Galactic plane region and Potoroo, with the red layer showing the ASKAP total intensity image at 1368 MHz, and the green and blue layers representing WISE infrared images at 12 µm and 22 µm respectively. Known Galactic SNRs are indicated by red circles (Green, 2019, 2022), while known Galactic HII regions

French love letters confiscated by Britain finally read after 265 years

The letters before they were opened and read by Renaud Morieux at The National Archives, Kew. Credit: The National Archives / Renaud Morieux Over 100 letters sent to French sailors by their fiancées, wives, parents and siblings—but never delivered—have been opened and studied for the first time since they were written in 1757–8. The messages

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