Margherita Volkman

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Strange seismic wave arrivals lead to discovery of overturned slab in the Mediterranean

Credit: The Seismic Record (2024). DOI: 10.1785/0320230049 Strange seismic wave arrivals from a 2010 earthquake under Spain were the clues that led to an unexpected discovery beneath the western Mediterranean: a subducted oceanic slab that has completely overturned. The waveforms paint a picture of a slab that descended rapidly into the Earth’s mantle and flipped

Flipping Indigenous regional development in Newfoundland upside-down: Lessons from Australia

by Brady Reid, Chief Joanne Miles, Chief Peggy (Margaret) White, and Emma Lee, The Conversation In an era of “global boiling” the Canadian government has set ambitious targets to transition towards a net-zero future with important caveats that this transition must be fair and inclusive. However, does this future include vibrant, self-determined Indigenous communities? Research

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