Margherita Michaud

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Russia’s Luna-25 probe crashes on the Moon

The Luna-25 probe, Russia’s first Moon mission in almost 50 years, has crashed on the Moon after an incident during pre-landing maneuvers, Russian space agency Roscosmos said on Sunday. Communication with Luna-25 was lost at 2:57 pm (1157 GMT) on Saturday, Roscosmos said. According to preliminary findings, the lander “has ceased to exist following a

Enhanced light absorption in thin silicon photodetectors with photon-trapping structures

Photon-trapping micro- and nano-sized holes in silicon (Si) make normally incident light bend by almost 90°, making it propagate laterally along the plane and leading consequently to increased light absorption in the NIR band. Credit: Qarony, Mayet, et al., doi 10.1117/1.APN.2.5.056001. Photonic systems are quickly gaining traction in many emerging applications, including optical communications, lidar

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