Margherita Grumbles

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Introducing safety and security civilization: A new paradigm for global safety science

The connotation of safety and security civilization (SSC). Credit: Emergency Management Science and Technology (2023). DOI: 10.48130/EMST-2023-0014 Safety science literature and terminology reveal a limited array of concepts to describe the comprehensive characteristics of system safety and security, including terms such as safety culture and risk. Despite these efforts, the rapid evolution of safety science

The way dogs see the world: Objects are more salient to smarter dogs

Learning about the place: the treat is always on the right or left side only, and the plate on the other side is empty. Credit: Eniko Kubinyi When we point at an object, the toddler focuses on the object, while the dog usually takes the gesture as a directional cue. In a recent study, researchers

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