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Research explores why daughters in Chinese families with a preference for sons fail to break from sustained exploitation

Many Chinese families have a clear preference for sons over daughters. Credit: Lancaster University New research from Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) unveils the extent of sustained exploitation within many Chinese families that have a clear preference for sons over daughters—and why daughters can stay ‘trapped’ in this situation throughout their lives. The new study

New species of marine bacteria isolated from a deep-sea cold seep

A novel bacteria, Poriferisphaera hetertotrophicis, observed using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Abbreviations: CM, outer membrane; Pi, cytoplasm; R, ribosome; N, nucleoid; ICM, cytoplasmic membrane; Py, peripla. Credit: Rikuan Zheng Researchers have isolated a new strain of marine bacteria with unique characteristics from the ocean seabed. The research, published today as a Reviewed Preprint in eLife

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Set for April 2024

After previously being revealed for a premiere sometime next year, the timing has been narrowed down further for Sound! Euphonium season 3. The next anime season adapting Ayano Takeda’s novel series is on the way in April 2024, and a new visual made its way online along with the news…Read More

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