Margarete Michaud

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Electronically Assisted Astronomy on the Cheap

I hate the eye strain that often comes with peering through a telescope at the night sky—I’d rather let a camera capture the scene. But I’m too frugal to sink thousands of dollars into high-quality astrophotography gear. The Goldilocks solution for me is something that goes by the name of electronically assisted astronomy…Read More

Image-generating AI creates uncanny optical illusions

Generative AI models designed to create images from text can be adapted to construct complex optical illusions – pictures that look like different things when viewed from far away or with motion blur…Read More

India’s healthcare system falls short despite Modi’s improvements

More than 1.4 billion people live in India, giving its healthcare system a major role in planetary well-being. In the past 10 years, prime minister Narendra Modi has worked to improve India’s healthcare, but there is still much work to be done…Read More

The Return of ‘Mostly Peaceful’

Left-wing antisemitism enjoys the benefit of a credulous news media that can’t seem to see what ordinary people do…Read More

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