Lyndia Schroeder

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Psychology study unearths ways to bolster global climate awareness and climate action

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An international team of scientists has created a tool that can aid in increasing climate awareness and climate action globally by highlighting messaging themes shown to be effective through experimental research. The web-based tool, and the methods undergirding its creation, appear in the journal Science Advances. The tool stems from a

Deciphering the association between uterine microbiota and fertility in dairy cows

Low fertility can cause significant economic losses in dairy farms. Researchers from Japan investigate how microbial populations in the uterus of dairy cows may be linked to their fertility following artificial insemination, and propose microbiome testing as a potential strategy to diagnose unexplained infertility in dairy cows. Credit: Takuya Yagisawa and Jumpei Uchiyama, Okayama University

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