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Silent fields: A cocktail of pesticides is stunting bumblebee colonies across Europe

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The European Parliament voted against a proposal to curb the use of agricultural pesticides in November 2023. These chemicals, designed to protect crop yield from pest insects and other organisms, can contaminate the water and air and threaten the people and wildlife that maintain the vitality of our landscapes. In some

Smog-ridden New Delhi extends schools shutdown

Every autumn New Delhi is blanketed by a carpet of acrid smog, primarily blamed on stubble-burning by farmers in the neighbouring agrarian states. Authorities in India’s smog-ridden capital New Delhi on Sunday extended an emergency schools closure by a week, with no signs of improvement in the megacity’s choking levels of pollution. New Delhi is

Colombia urges evacuation near volcano

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano emits a cloud of ash in Murillo, Colombia on April 6, 2023. Authorities in Colombia on Saturday recommended that towns closest to a rumbling, notorious volcano be evacuated, ahead of a a possible eruption. The Disaster Risk Management Office said it was moving to evacuate communities that are located within…

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