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Myanmar’s primates and their guardians need more support, study says

Gibbons are celebrated in some of the most significant folk tales in Myanmar. The telling and retelling of stories portraying the lithe and charismatic primates as forest spirits emblematic of pristine environments has spared them from being poached from the wild in some parts of the country…Read More

The Indo-West Pacific harbors two distinct mangrove hotspots, study says

JAKARTA — New research on slugs has found two types of mangrove forests in the Indo-West Pacific region, highlighting their much-needed protection against deforestation and rising sea levels. The study said the Indo-West Pacific had two mangrove hotspots with distinct habitat types: fringe mangroves in the Coral Triangle (encompassing central and eastern Indonesia…Read More

Comfort Opens First Hotel With Rise & Shine Prototype

ROCKVILLE, Maryland—Choice Hotels International, Inc. released a new Comfort hotels look with the opening of the first, new construction Rise & Shine prototype in Mountain Grove, Missouri. “Comfort hotels is thrilled to introduce the Rise & Shine prototype with the opening of the Comfort Inn &amp…Read More

Accor Reports Q3 2023 Results

According to Accor, hotel demand remained strong throughout Q3 2023, with RevPAR up 15 percent compared with the prior year despite a high comparable basis (RevPAR in Q3 2022 was up 14 percent compared with Q3 2019). The underlying dynamics observed in previous quarters remained constant…Read More

Lodging Econometrics: Dallas Continues to Lead the U.S. Construction Pipeline

As seen in the third quarter United States Construction Pipeline Trend Report from Lodging Econometrics (LE), the top five markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines by projects in Q3 2023 were led by Dallas with an all-time high of 189 projects/21,840 rooms; followed by Atlanta with 140 projects/17,775 rooms…Read More

Remington Hospitality Names Rick Badgley as Chief Human Resources Officer

DALLAS, Texas—Remington Hospitality welcomed Rick Badgley as Chief Human Resources Officer. Badgley, who brings over 20 years of industry experience, will support all aspects of human resources, including recruitment and retention; learning and development, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Badgley started in hospitality as a dishwasher at his parent’s restaurant when he was 13…Read

Cornell Hotel Society Announces Hall of Fame Honorees

ITHACA, New York—The Cornell Hotel Society Hall of Fame Nomination/Selection Committee announced the 2023 honorees to enter the Cornell Hotelie Hall of Fame. The honorees will be celebrated during Hotelie Super Sunday on November 12, 2023, at The Pierre in New York City. The Hall of Fame inductees for 2023 are: Additionally…Read More

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