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Methane activation by [LnO]+: The 4f orbital matters

By adjusting the occupancy of the 4f orbitals, it is possible to induce the HAT mechanism for the activation of C-H bonds. Credit: Science China Press As the “holy grail” in the field of chemistry, the catalytic activation of methane has been a topic of great interest in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. Gas-phase experiments

Fluorescent chiral-selective receptor system for applications in diabetes management

Researchers from Japan have developed γ‑cyclodextrin and fluorescent monoboronic acid-based complexes—1F/γ-CyD and 2N/γ-CyD—that exhibit excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and chiral selectivity for D-glucose detection. Credit: Takashi Hayashita/Sophia University Diabetes mellitus, simply called diabetes, is a metabolic disorder characterized by the presence of abnormally high concentrations of glucose in blood. Existing methods for the diagnosis of diabetes…

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