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A strategy to enhance the light-driven superconductivity of K₃C₆₀

Photo-induced metastable superconductivity in K3C60 generated with intense 170 meV excitation pulses. Credit: Nature Physics (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41567-023-02235-9 Superconductivity is the ability of some materials to conduct a direct electrical current (DC) with almost no resistance. This property is highly sought after and favorable for various technological applications, as it could boost the performance of different

The Best Movies of 2023, So Far

Vanity Fair chief critic Richard Lawson lists the best movies of 2023 to date, from Past Lives to Scream VI…Read More

How sea-ice anomalies in the Barents–Kara Sea are modulated by the ‘warm Arctic–cold Eurasia’ pattern

The Arctic warming and sea ice melting. Credit: Jean-Christophe ANDRE “Warm Arctic—cold Eurasia” is one of the most significant patterns of winter climate system changes in the mid-high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. In winter 2020/21, this large-scale pattern underwent a significant and intense subseasonal reversal between the early and late winter. At the same

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