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Migrant couples have better relationships when they can balance old and new cultures, says study

Binghamton University psychologists have published new research on migrant couples and how their ability to embrace new cultures while balancing their heritage cultures can have an impact on their relationship. Credit: Binghamton University, State University of New York Migrant couples who can effectively balance the culture of their homeland while adapting to the dominant culture

Heat-struck Mediterranean is climate change ‘hot spot’

Heatwave in Europe and around the Mediterranean. Struck by near-record temperatures and wildfires during this week’s heatwave, the Mediterranean region is ranked as a climate-change “hot spot” by scientists. The beaches, seafood and heritage sites in the region spanning parts of southern Europe, northern Africa and western Asia are under threat. Here are five key

Ecological doom-loops: Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected

Credit: Anna Kucherova / Shutterstock Around the world, rainforests are becoming savanna or farmland, savanna is drying out and turning into desert, and icy tundra is thawing. Indeed, scientific studies have now recorded “regime shifts” like these in more than 20 different types of ecosystem where tipping points have been passed. Around the world, more

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