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Dynamics of skyrmion spin states confirmed in neutron-scattering experiments

Experimental setup for observing the skyrmion state in MnSi. Credit:Nature Physics (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41567-023-02120-5 RIKEN researchers have brought low-energy devices based on spintronics one step closer, by measuring the dynamics of tiny magnetic vortices. At present, all our information technologies are based on conventional electronics, which involves shunting electric charge around circuits. However, electrons have

Study reveals reason hellbenders are disappearing

Virginia Tech professor Bill Hopkins preparing to gently return a hellbender back to its underwater home in a Virginia stream after taking measurements. Credit: Lara Hopkins for Virginia Tech The gigantic, slimy salamanders known as hellbenders, once the apex predators of many freshwater streams, have been in decline for decades, their population constantly shrinking. No

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