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Aflibercept 8 mg in diabetic macular edema first to achieve sustained vision gains with up to 83% of patients extended to 16-24 weeks at two years

Berlin, June 29, 2023 – Bayer today announced the two-year (96 weeks) topline results of the pivotal clinical trial PHOTON investigating its novel aflibercept 8 mg with extended dosing regimens of up to 24 weeks in diabetic macular edema (DME) compared to the current standard of care EyleaTM (aflibercept 2 mg) with fixed intervals of

Floods of nutrients from fertilisers and wastewater trash our rivers. Could offsetting help?

Credit: Shutterstock The rivers running through the hearts of Australia’s major cities and towns are often carrying heavy loads of nutrients and sediments. This is a problem. While nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are essential to life in small quantities, in large quantities they become destructive to river and ocean ecosystems. When rivers are pumped…

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