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Insect infestation ravages North African prickly pear

In Chebika, as in other rural areas in central Tunisia, many farmers’ fields of prickly pear have been spoiled by the cochineal, which swept through North Africa 10 years ago. Amor Nouira, a farmer in Tunisia’s Chebika village, has lost hope of saving his prickly pear cacti, ravaged by the cochineal insect spreading across North

Having a bad boss makes you a worse employee, study finds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain If your boss stomps and yells, criticizes you, and then proceeds to take the credit for your work—even it is an isolated incident—it can take a profound toll on employee well-being and performance. But despite the many years of research, the precise mechanisms through which bad leadership impacts employees’ performance remain

New finding suggests how and why temperatures determine the sex of turtles

A freshwater turtle called a red-eared slider. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Warmer temperatures are known to make more turtle eggs become female hatchlings, but new research out of Duke University shows that those females also have a higher capacity for egg production, even before their sex is set. This finding may explain why many animals besides

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