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Mercedes-Maybach SL Spy Photos Spotted, Set To Be Unveiled Later This Year

The current SL already does a lot of things differently than many of its predecessors. There’s another one in the pipeline that will open a new SL chapter: the Mercedes-Maybach SL. The Mercedes-AMG SL is, as its name already gives away, a special one. It is the first SL developed by Mercedes-AMG and is much

Toyota Joins “American Ionity” Ionna Supercharger Network

Toyota joins an impressive list of automakers looking to build fast-charging networks in North America. ‘Ionna’ promises to be the North American equivalent of Ionity and a formidable competitor to Tesla’s Supercharger network. In 2023, one car manufacturer after another decided to switch to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard for fast charging of electric cars…Read

Electric Mercedes Vehicles Recorded Fewer Sales In Q2 As Petrol Models See Rise

At Mercedes, they discovered last quarter that the EV tide has turned for the time being. Demand for fully electric Mercedes vehicles decreased by almost a quarter worldwide. Mercedes sold a total of 600,100 vehicles (passenger cars and commercial vehicles) in the second quarter of 2024…Read More

Bugatti’s Open-top W16 Mistral Roadster Enters Final Testing Phase

Bugatti has announced that its open-top W16 Mistral roadster has entered final testing phase.  Follows the completion of aerodynamic evaluation and testing of the W16 and its transmission on the dynamometer. Final stage of testing will see prototypes subjected to a succession of tests to analyse its performance under various driving conditions…Read More

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