Erasmo Kazmierczak

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The world’s business and finance sectors can do much more to reverse deforestation—here’s the data to prove it

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Big corporations could drive a worldwide shift towards more sustainable supply chains that limit damage caused by deforestation. But progress is being slowed down by weak or non-existent commitments to ensure that supply chains for commodities such as soy, palm oil, and beef have not contributed to tropical deforestation, according to

Selective conversion of CO₂ into dimethyl ether over hydrophobic and gallium-modified copper catalysts

The proximity of Cu and Ga species over Cu/Ga-SiO2-20Me catalyst could simultaneously realize tandem reactions of hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol and dehydration of methanol to DME, where further transportation and re-adsorption of methanol intermedia to the hydrophobic catalyst was avoided. Moreover, the methyl groups efficiently removed the water generated in these two reactions, shifting

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