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A fullerene-like molecule made entirely of metal atoms

Molecular structure of the [K@Au12Sb20]5– cluster. Credit: Science (2023). DOI: 10.1126/science.adj6491 A small team of chemists from Nankai University, Nanjing Tech University and Shanxi University, all in China, working with a colleague from Universidad San Sebastián, in Chile, has, for the first time, created a fullerene-like molecule made entirely of metal atoms. In their paper

Legal battle looms over London’s expanding vehicle pollution fee

Campaigners oppose the expansion of London’s road toll for the most polluting vehicles. A UK court will on Tuesday consider contentious plans to extend a scheme obliging the most polluting vehicles to pay for using London’s roads, as opponents engage in protests—and even sabotage. The High Court case comes just weeks before London Mayor Sadiq

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