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Rice market braces for more stress as El Nino starts to bite

Rice market faces 1st test from El Nino; nations warn of drier weather, lower output, risk of global supply tightening & inflation in Philippines & Indonesia. El Nino brings hotter, drier conditions, drought & wildfires, prompting nations to import more & far…Read More

Gold price slump likely to spur demand from festive shoppers

India’s slump in gold prices to 7-month low may boost demand in festive season. Jewellers’ shares have risen in anticipation of higher purchases. World Gold Council estimates demand may drop to 650-750 tonnes this year, but could be flat if prices remain low.…Read More

Supreme Court weighs South Carolina racial gerrymandering dispute

The Supreme Court on Wednesday will consider whether Republicans in South Carolina inappropriately considered race when drawing a previously closely contested congressional district in a way that removed thousands of Black voters.Read More

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